Applying Exterior Finish

[tab:Step 1] Clean and Brighten

Preparation is the key to a good job. Properly cleaning and brightening the wood helps ensure a more durable, beautiful finish.

This process is covered in Virtual Restoration #1: Preparing to Finish








[tab: Step 2] Selecting a Finish

Before continuing you need to decide which exterior finish to use, Wood Iron Exterior Finish or Wood Iron Water-Borne Finish..

Wood Iron Exterior Finish is a penetrating oil-based finish. It is about 50% solids and works well for smooth surfaces and any new wood surfaces or surfaces that have a Wood Iron Finish on them already and need a maintenance coat.

Wood Iron Water-Borne is an oil emulsion that lower in V.O.C’s than our other finishes. It is still an oil based but has been emulsified to blend with water instead of solvent.. It is about 60% solids. When using Wood Iron Water-Borne apply an area or a board at a time to work the oils into the wood and mix the finish in the bucket every thirty minutes to keep it blended.


[tab: Step 3] Collect Materials

The tools you will want to have for preparing the deck for finishing are

  • 7 or 9 inch Paint Roller
  • rolling pole
  • throw away Roller Cover
  • Brush
  • brush clip
  • Drop Clothes
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Soft bristle broom
  • 50 to 80 grit sand paper
  • sanding spong/pole sander
  • Dust mask



[tab: Step 4] Sanding

After pressure washing some of the wood fibers will be raised.Scrub off the felt and loose contaminates with 60 grit sandpaper wrapped around a sanding sponge.

If you have a pole sander you can use it instead.Wear a dust mask when sanding. Thoroughly broom the deck to remove all dust and debris.


[tab: Step 5] Masking

Place drop clothes on walkways to prevent tracking. You have actually completed the preparation phase of the job. It is now time to apply the finish.


[tab: Step 6] Stir

Use a stir stick and stir Wood Iron Wood Finish to make sure the color is consistent.

Do not apply in direct sunlight. If the surface to be finished has southern exposure, finish before 11 am or after 3 pm.


[tab: Step 7] Apply the Finish

Finish the railing first. You can use a brush to cut in the floor. Always brush the material into the wood.

After cutting in the floor you can use a roller to roll the material out onto the deck. Roll slowly and evenly. Saturate the wood as you go. Apply Wood Iron stain liberally. Soak the wood as you go.

Never wear black sole tennis shoes when coating the deck. They will track and make marks. You can walk on the coated surface wearing non-marking soled shoes.

After rolling out a section of the deck you should go back and re-roll the entire surface again. This step assures that the coating is even and the wood is saturated.


[tab: Step 8] Backbrushing

The last step is backbrushing. The tool used to attach a brush to the pole is called a brush-clip. A brush clip makes the job of back brushing easier but is not required.

Brush out any puddles. Brush with the grain of the wood. Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish should not be puddled.


[tab: Step 9] Cleanup & Disposal

Clean up is done with mineral spirits. After you are done, dispose of all rags, roller covers, and other materials soaked with Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish in a metal container filled with water.

Wood Iron exterior wood finish has natural oils that can combust if disposed of improperly. Use caution and follow all safety precautions.


[tab: Step 10] Enjoy Your Wood!

Look at this wood! You can see the beautiful grain. Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish enhances the look of natural wood.

Your deck is completely protected from UV, water and fungus because you chose Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish. Wood prepared and treated with Wood Iron Wood Cleaners and Finishes looks natural and beautiful. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed at how good your wood looks when it is finished with Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish.



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