What is a Wood Finish?" What to Look for in a Finish

When selecting an exterior wood finish you hope that you are going to buy a product that will protect wood from the elements. You also trust that the person selling it to you has some deeper knowledge about what a good exterior wood finish is. In most instances the product that you buy has its shortcomings and the person selling it to you has probably never restored and finished wood professionally. Consider these qualities:


Wood is protected from the inside out. The high quality linseed, tung, and other natural oils in Wood Iron penetrate into the wood surface. Once inside, the oils bond with the wood fibers and solidify (see solids). The solids bonded with the wood fiber help the wood retain its strength and structural integrity. No other exterior wood finish has the solids content that Wood Iron has.


Wood is subject to damage from the sun. Ultra-violet rays bombard the surface of exposed wood. Without protection from this element wood will bleach out and eventually deteriorate. Most exterior wood finishes use semi-opaque pigments to obscure the wood from the sun to give it protection. Unfortunately, the beauty of the wood is obscured too. Ultra-violet absorbers in the Clear help protect wood from sun damage. Add double protection by using Wood Iron’s transparent-oxide pigments. Transparent oxide pigments will accentuate, not hide, the beauty of the wood grain.


Water damages wood when the water is absorbed into the wood. Not only does water tend to wash out the wood’s color but the freeze/thaw cycle can damage wood’s structure. Other water repellents are paraffin-based and soften with warm weather. Wood Iron has a water repellent that fills the wood cells and holds out the water. This repellent is firm in all temperatures.

Fungus and Mildew

Wood is a natural food source for certain types of fungus and spora. If allowed to grow these tiny plants devour the binding resin in wood causing it to fall apart. Some manufacturers use highly toxic poisons to kill any mildew that comes into contact with it. Wood Iron uses an organically based mildew inhibitor that is very low in toxicity and lasts up to five times longer than inorganic mildewcides.

The Look of Wood

Wood Iron is specifically designed to protect wood from all of the elements. It is sold by experienced applicators, not just sales people. The intent of the manufacturer and distributor alike is to provide the best possible exterior wood finish available. Representation is the key to our reputation.

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