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We believe that Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finishes and Interior Wood Finishes are the best products available.

Why? Because our customers say so, repeatedly. For over a two decades.

An Information Resource

Are you searching for information on exterior and interior wood finishes, types of finishing methods and helpful hints? You are in the right place. We’re your source of information on wood finishes.

This website contains information on using Wood Iron Wood Finishes to finish or restore wood surfaces and can be used as a resource if you have:

  • Hot Tub
  • Gazebo
  • Interior Trim and Doors
  • Interior Logs
  • Log Homes of Cypress, Pine, Fir, Cedar, or Spruce
  • Redwood, Cedar or Pressure-treated Pine Deck
  • Cedar Fence or Roof
  • Redwood or Cedar Siding

Check out our How-To section to use our helpful guides, FAQs, and videos to answer your wood finishing questions.

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