About Wood Iron Wood Finishes

History & Background

The original formulation of Wood Iron was developed with the help and input from several paint chemists. We approached them with a goal – create a formula for the highest quality exterior and interior wood finishes. The ingredients of both the exterior and interior wood finishes were selected, tested, reformulated, and re-tested over a five-year period.

We found one thing to be true: We will never be completely finished with the process of refining and selecting quality ingredients as changes and innovations in the coatings industry become available. Striving to be the best on the market is a continual process.

Quality representation is our goal. Nothing else is. It requires a total effort from everyone involved. Typical paint stores could not provide it to the customer, so selling Wood Iron through stores was not an option. We have developed an intensive certification program to train individuals on how to be wood restoration experts. We felt that this was the only way to assure that quality representation would be consistent. Only a person who had the highest level of commitment to the representation of Wood Iron would have the conviction to carry that responsibility. Therefore, the Wood Iron representative you meet can offer knowledge, product information, and technical skills to every customer. The contractor who produces the quality results their customer expects and deserves will generate referrals and loyalty.

With the opportunity to represent a product and a service must come the responsibility to do both with the highest quality. No longer can failures be blamed on product. We have become known for being able to deliver quality on a consistent basis. With no outs, the quality control aspect became complete. This way we knew that good results would mean a double referral for every contractor who became a Wood Iron representative.

Our Team

Frank Satterlee, President
Judy Satterlee, CFO
Jesus Cordero, Technical Support

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