Quick Reference Guide for Maintenance or Refinishing

Wood begins to exhibit the effects of weathering almost immediately after the tree is felled. Your log home or wood deck won’t be there in 20 years if you don’t have a regular maintenance program to stay ahead of Mother Nature. If you have let your exterior wood maintenance schedule lag it is time to get busy and do some catching up. The best news is that, in most cases, you can bring wood back. The key is to “Begin with the end in mind!” This quick reference guide will help you know where you are and what you need to do to keep your wood free of problems and looking good.

NEW WOOD: Decks, Logs, Siding, Fences The first and best opportunity to do it right

Cleaning Prep Coating Maintenance
1A, 1B, 1E, 1F, 1G 2A 3A, 3B 4A

RESTORATION OF EXTERIOR WOOD: When maintenance wasn’t done in a timely fashion

Cleaning Prep Coating Maintenance
1C, 1D, 1E, 1G, 1F (1H), 2B, 2C, 2A 3A, 3B 4A

WOOD ROOFS: if done regularly they will last indefinitely

Cleaning Prep Coating Maintenance
1A, 1D, 1F, 1G 1H, 2A 3A, 3B Repeat process every 5-7 years



Always practice safety. Wear respiratory protection masks and eye protection when de-felting, sanding or spraying anything. Read and follow all directions on any cleaners or coatings you use. Use fall protection when walking on roofs.

1A Apply Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner and water solution. Broom horizontal surfaces.
1B Rinse with a garden hose and spray nozzle or a pressure washer with low pressure.
1C Apply Wood Iron Stain Remover step 1. Broom horizontal surfaces. Power wash to remove failed finish.
1D Power wash at 2,000 psi pressure. Use warm water if possible. Don’t walk on wet shingles or shakes.
1E Neutralize cleaned surface using Wood Iron Brightener, step 2.
1F Sanitize fungus and algae with Milgo Plus solution. Allow time for solution to work.
1G Rinse thoroughly
1H Decks – Replace top railing and rotten boards. Roofs – Replace broken shingles and ridge cap if necessary. Siding – Replace or secure loose boards. Logs – Replace rotten logs
2A Mask surfaces not receiving a finish. Place drop clothes on walkways. Move cars if spraying.
2B De-felt wood fibers using scrubber pads or a stiff broom (wear a dust mask!).
2C Lightly sand with the grain using a random orbital sander (36-50 grit) or sanding sponges.
3A Read directions on Wood Iron Wood Finish. Apply according to directions.
3B Plan coating to avoid coating in direct sun by starting on the west and moving to north to east to south by the days end. Apply by brush, spray or roll. Coat to saturate. Follow all spray application by back brushing except roofs. All restored wood will usually require two coats, except roofs. Never walk on oily wood roofing.
4A Seasonal cleaning with mild maintenance cleaner. Rinse with a garden hose and nozzle. Treat with sanitizer solution if needed. Light maintenance coatings as needed.

Notice that when wood is new, prepared and finished correctly with a quality finish you get started in the right direction. The alternative is restoration. At least you have a map as to how to do that if you need to. The key is that once you get it right some regular maintenance will keep your exterior wood looking good. It is worth it. One note on quality of exterior cleaners and finishes. Choose Wood Iron. The Wood Iron line has been tested and proven to work by wood restoration specialists for the last decade. If they trust these products, you can too!