Exterior Finish FAQ

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Question: What makes Wood Iron better than other products on the market?

Answer: Wood Iron is not the average run-of-the mill product for exterior wood. It was designed to out perform other products in many ways. First, the durability is higher due to the type, quality and quantity of ingredients. For instance, most exterior wood finishes use one type of oil as their binding ingredient. Wood Iron uses three. Other exterior finishes have one ingredient for UV protection. Wood Iron has three. Water repellancy has two ingredients that help repel moisture. Wood Iron utilizes silicon AND an even more effective ingredient. So, again the ratio of ingredients is 2 :1. You pay more for labor than for product. In most cases it makes good sense to use the product that will provide the most protection and durability. (See Ext. Product )

Question: What is in Wood Iron?

Answer: With out giving away the farm we feel that it is important to have a basic idea of the ingredients contained in Wood Iron. Wood Iron contains drying oils and resin. These ingredients are specific to replacing the lignin lost in older and powerwashed wood. UV protection is accomplished with industrial grade transparent oxide tints. In addition we are the only exterior wood finish that puts UV absorbers in our clear base. Since we are the only company using it we will call it our secret ingredient. Water absorption can cause major damage to wood. In addition to the oils and resins Wood Iron has water repellents. Mildew is inhibited with the safest and still most effective algaecide/mildewcide available. To be a complete exterior wood finish the product must have all of these ingredients in the amounts only found in Wood Iron. That is the combination that creates the best value for the dollar.

Question: Aren’t water-based products more environmentally correct?

Answer: Environmentally correct isn’t, necessarily, what works or lasts. What we have focused on with exterior wood finishing is proven to last longer and require less maintenance, replacement, and expense.

Our experience and testing has revealed that exterior water-based products are unable to be absorbed deep enough in the wood to stand up to wide fluctuations in temperature. Within 12 to 18 months exterior water borne finishes begin to loose adhesion. The inability of exterior water-based finishes to penetrate deeply into the wood result in the wood not being replenished with vital resin it needs to be structurally sound.

We believe that wood, being a porous and absorbant material, must be finished from the inside out. Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish was designed to penetrate deep within the wood in order to replace the lignin that has weathered away. Application directions further emphasize the importance of saturating the wood. When the wood fibers are saturated the finish becomes “anchored” in the wood. The results are ‘easier maintenance’.

The benefits of an anchored finish are:

  1. Recoating will NOT require excessive amounts of material.
  2. The wood becomes more structurally sound.
  3. Maintenance coats require much less preparation.
  4. Maintenance coats won’t have to be done as frequently.
  5. Touch up is not nearly as obvious as it is with a surface coat stain.
  6. Unlike surface coatings Wood Iron will never peel if applied correctly.

What this adds up to is less restoration of the finish, which saves time, money, and trees!


Question: Why aren’t Wood Iron exterior and interior wood finishing products sold in stores?

Answer: When was the last time you walked into the paint store and were able to talk with somone who not only sells paint but can apply it correctly, everyday? The current retail distribution system can’t provide that type of useful information to customers. Up to now you, the customer has not really had any other way to buy an exterior wood finish.

Wood Iron products are only sold by certified Dealers. Becoming a Dealer a person must undergo extensive training. Training consists of class room work AND hands-on training. Dealers achieve certification, and mentoring in order to be a business that is going to be there now and in the future.

A Dealer is fullfilling two roles related to the trade. The first is as a contractor/applicator. The second is as a product representative. No other exterior wood coatings has that kind of quality control available. A Wood Iron Dealer is able to service the customer more completely than the retail distribution system can. The results are that the customer will get what they expect.


Question: How long will it last?

Answer: The answer depends upon several factors:

  • What is the condition of the wood? (New, weathered, dry, moldy, etc.)
  • Will the preparation be done correctly? (Cleaned, brightened, sanded, etc.)
  • What will the method of application be? (Sprayed, brushed, rolled, etc.)
  • Will the wood be saturated during application?

These all influence the durability and longevity of the finish. The conditions also influence what grade of Wood Iron you will use.

Unlike other products Wood Iron is available in two grades. One is called Restoration Grade, the other is called New Wood/Recoat grade. Due to the wide variety of conditions one remedy is just not possible.

A quick test to determine the condition of the wood you will be treating is is to rub across the grain with your finger. If the wood is sound and the finish is “sound” you will need less to finish the surface. If, however, the wood is in bad condition and the proevious finish has failed you will notice that by rubbing the wood with your finger you have left an obvious mark. That means you have medium to badly deteriorated wood. Moderate or complete restoration is needed to restore the woods original strength and integrity.

The worse the initial condition of the wood is the more attention it requires to achieve a durable and long lasting finish. The preparation must be done with great care to avoid damaging the wood. You need to use a wood cleaner and a powerwasher (See Restoration).

Wood Iron Restoration grade is used as the first application for restored wood. Application must be done to the point of saturation to help restructure and rebind the wood. Naturally this requires a more consciencous approach to achieve the desired durability. A second coat is necessary when restoring wood. The second coat is done with NewWood/Recoat grade. Every application must be backbrushed evenly into the wood until the wood is completely saturated. Never apply more once the wood is full.

Wood Iron is designed to outlast any other product on the current market. However, the best product is only half the battle. Knowledgeable preparation and application are the other half of the battle. Only Wood Iron is sold by certified applicators to the do-it-yourselfer. The customer receives the benefit of the Dealers hands on experience plus a top quality product. Its the best of both worlds when you purchase Wood Iron and its associated wood cleaning products. We have specific videos available to customers who purchase product and Wood Iron Dealers that illustrate how to do the job correctly, or just ask your closest Wood Iron Dealer for an estimate.

We also have a video library available that you may find useful.