Wood Cleaning FAQ

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Question: Aren’t all cleaners basically the same? If so why can’t I just use bleach?

Answer: We recently conducted a cleaning seminar for all of the Wood Iron Dealers and Distributors. It was our challenge to use the day in a constructive manner. Not only were we testing ALL of the cleaners available we were testing the group as well. Some interesting results came about that might interest you.

On grey wood we used bleach and compared the results to our base sample on which we applied Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner. The wood was washed with a garden hose, not a pressure washer. The results were quite different.

The boards with the bleach looked clean. So did the boards with the Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner. But upon magnified examination the bleached boards had a “fuzz” that the Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner boards did not. That fuzz was delaminated wood fiber. The bleach destroyed the lignin in the good wood and actually caused damage to it.

The criteria we use to compare cleaners is:

  1. Will it remove a previous oil base finish?
  2. Will it loosen a water base finish?
  3. Are you paying for water?

Our testing is based upon our contract cleaning experience. A contract cleaning company MUST use the best and least costly materials because time-is-money!

Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner was the answer to our needs. Unlike most cleaners, YOU add the water. Water is the most expensive ingredient a consumer pays for. When you compare our compteitors “pre-mixed” cleaning products to Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner you will find in all cases that you are paying 2-5 times more than you should.

Wood Iron Cleaning kits are perfect because they can be mixed to the strength needed to do the job at hand. Proportionately, Wood Iron Cleaning kits are much cheaper than any other product on the market. Plus, the cleaning capabilities of Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner meet the first two criteria exceptionally well.

Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner is recommended for cleaning grey wood (except cedar roofs), decks, siding, fences, and failed finishes of all types except varnishes. It is totally biodegradeable and can be applied with a pump jug (see Wood Iron Cleaning Kit technical data sheets).

Recommended procedure for using Wood Iron Cleaning Kits is to pre-wet vegetation with water. Mix the correct concentration of Step 1 (the Stain Remover, or Maintenance Cleaner) with warm water. Apply liberally while wearing protective eye protection and clothing. Keep the surface wet. Wash off with warm water or a pressure washer. Mix the Wood Iron Brightener the same concentration as the cleaner. Apply in the same manner. Rinse thoughourly. That’s it! “

We also have a video library available that you may find useful.