General Directions for Using Wood Iron Wood Finishes

Below is an overview of important information when using or storing your Wood Iron Wood Finishes. More detailed information about surface preparation and application can be found in our other How-To Guides and Videos. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Surface Preparation

For the best oil penetration and appearance, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned before applying Wood Iron Exterior Finishes. Remove all dirt, dust, oil, soot, mildew or other contaminants. Clean the wood surface with a cleaner or stripper and pressure washer following the directions.  Be careful while pressure washing not to gouge the wood. The wood surface must be clean and dry to get maximum penetration of the oils and resins in Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish.

Material Preparation

Thorough mixing is essential. Shake and stir until pigments are completely mixed with oils.


Apply by brush, roller, or spray using an airless sprayer or a pump sprayer. Coat to saturate. Brush in material after coating. Avoid applying material in the direct sun. One hour is the minimum time the oils need to penetrate before the surface is exposed to direct sunlight. After 30 minutes, brush out runs, wipe up any puddles or shiny spots with a rag dipped in mineral spirits. Allow at least 24 hours before applying the second coat (if necessary). If the material does not seem to be penetrating a second coat is not required.


Clean brushes and tools with mineral spirits. This product contains natural oils. ANY ITEMS SOAKED IN THESE OILS THAT ARE NOT PROPERLY DISPOSED OF CAN SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST. Any rags or items with Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish on them should be put into a metal container filled with water, sealed, and disposed of properly.

Horizontal Surface Care

Remove snow, wash surface occasionally, and apply a light coat of Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish as necessary (every one to two years) to maintain the surface’s beauty and protection. More is not better. Only apply what the wood needs to be saturated. Do NOT Surface Coat.

Log Home Care

Wash logs with a garden hose spray nozzle yearly. Use a broom while spraying to remove tough dirt and stains.


On smooth wood, about 200 square feet per gallon per coat. On rough wood, about 100 square feet per gallon per coat. Two coats is recommended on wood over one year old. For new wood apply one coat. Another coat will be needed within 6 to 12 months. These estimates are based on average wood porosity. The wood’s need will vary depending on its age, grade and condition.


Keep any leftover material in its original container. Seal tightly to prevent spilling and evaporation. Do not let it freeze. Keep container away from all sources of heat or open flame.