Wood Iron Wins at Colorado Garden & Home Show

Wood Iron booth at Colorado Garden and Home Show

Attendance at this year’s Colorado Garden & Home Show increased from the previous year and it was a win for Wood Iron. Previous customers visited our booth to thank us for the great look their decks and homes thanks to using Wood Iron. We are happy with the potential new customers who are excited about hiring us to solve their problems with their wood projects. According to the Colorado Garden and Home Show the 52nd Annual Show was expected to have over 60,000 attendees. This is the largest consumer show held in the Colorado Convention Center and boasts the highest attendance.

Exterior Wood Restoration

If you can’t live with the way your exterior wood looks the finish must come off and you need to restore the wood. The difference between maintenance cleaning and restorative cleaning is the choice of cleaners. When it comes to restorative cleaning you do have to be more aggressive with the cleaner selection.  You might… Continue Reading

Brighteners and Sanitizers

Wood cleaners and soaps in general are typically alkaline (basic) in nature. Most alkaline cleaners contain some “free” caustic that is difficult to rinse out completely and can darken wood. There is still a bit of it on and in the wood after the surface has been power washed. You can tell because the surface… Continue Reading

Wood Cleaning and Finishing

Exterior wood finishing and restoration can be like a swamp. It pays to have a goal and a guide.  If it is completed in steps with the right “attitude” the job is done, thus making maintenance easier, saving you time and money.  Half-heartedly attempt it without planning and you may end up lost in the… Continue Reading

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